Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness

Intervenor Competency Framework

Intervenor Competency Framework

The following Competency Framework is heavily based on work done previously by the Canadian Deafblind Association (CDBA-National)*.  The team at the Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness has edited the document to provide structure to the practicums of students intending to work with individuals with deafblindness.  Students are expected to work on the competencies within the parameters of the school-based, multi-disciplinary team.

The Framework describes standards for Intervenors working with individuals with deafblindness, which can be used to support consistent, high quality deafblind Intervention Services.  It reflects the characteristics of Canadian-developed expertise, philosophy and values, as well as knowledge and skills developed across the international field of deafblind Intervention.

This Competency Framework may be used by:

  • Trainers of Intervenors with individuals who are deafblind, to guide professional development programs and activities.The Framework can also serve as a support for practicum supervisors.
  • Intervenors, to evaluate their own knowledge and skills and identify areas where they may want to develop further proficiency.

This Competency Framework is organized into nine standards, or categories, with a total of 122 competencies.  The competencies are divided between:

  • Core Competencies: general knowledge and skills required for effective Intervention for individuals with deafblindness
  • Individual Specific Competencies: knowledge and skills that pertain to working with a specific individual, primarily one who is congenitally deafblind and/or an emergent communicator

This framework is intended to guide practicum choices for individuals who are taking the Deafblind Intervention Certificate Program with the intention of working with individuals who are deafblind.  THE EXPECTATION OF EACH, AND EVERY, STANDARD IS THAT THE INTERVENOR WORKS AS A MEMBER OF A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAM.

*A CDBA committee of members who are trainers developed the original CDBA Competency Framework. This document draws on work done by a number of other organizations, including SKI-HI Institute, the National Technical Assistance Consortium, and Texas Deaf-Blind Project. Responses to the Canadian field test in 2006 made an important contribution to the final Competency Framework.  Approved by the CDBA National Board (November 2009)

For the complete Intervenor Competency Framework, click here.