Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness

Issues & Perspectives in Deafblindness

Course Description

This course will explore current ethical issues and perspectives in the area of deafblindness. it will also examine the impact of deafblindness on the individual's life and on families.

Participants will receive a transcript from Richmond Continuing Education upon completion of the course.


  • Participants must be currently supporting a student with deafblindness under an education authority in the province of BC
  • Participants must have completed both Introduction to Deafblindness and Introduction to Intervention

Course Outline

  • Explore personal values, ethics, and professionalism
  • Deaflbindness and the impact on the individual
  • Deafblindness and the impact on the family
  • Boundaries
  • Social concerns, socialization, and integration
  • Advocacy
  • The grieving process

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate personal and professional standpoint and value systems and how that impacts working with a student and his/her family
  • Describe the grieving process as it relates to the loss of the senses of vision and hearing from a family perspective
  • Identify specific concerns for individuals with deafblindness in regards to socialization and integration and develop advocacy strategies

Instructional Methods

This course will utilize a variety of teaching methods to facilitate learning including lecture, small and large group discussions, guest speakers, role-play, demonstrations, and other media. A strong emphasis on sharing of personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas in small and large group discussions will be required.

Course Hours: 30