Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness

Annual District Partners' Conference

Each year, the Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness holds a District Partners' Conference. Guest presenters are leaders in research and practice in the field of Deafblindness.

For our 2017 District Partners' Conference, we are pleased to announce that Adam Wilton will be presenting on the theme of Play-Based Assessment. Additionally, we pleased to be able to host a Parent Panel that will share their experiences and perspectives on having a child with deafblindness. 

There will also be break-out sessions from the following: 


Thursday 1:30-2:15

Thursday 2:30-3:15

Steveston D

Host: Allana Pierce

Presenter: Paul Michaud

  • Functional Routines for Eating through a Tube

Presenter: Allana Pierce

    • So You Want to be an Intervenor?

    Host:  Linda Mamer

    Presenter: Stacy Meyerink

    • Sign Language Friends at Secondary School
    • Inclusive Art Class

    Steveston F

    Host: Michele Kohut-Jones

    Presenter: Heather Chedzoy

    • Functional Routines – Eating and Laundry

    Host: Allana Pierce

    Presenter: Lorrie Seidler

    • Communication in a Daily Routine

    Westminster Salon

    Host/Presenter: Sheila McIntosh

    Presenters: Paul Thandi & Katharine Naughton

    • Family Perspectives on Conference Attendance


    Host/Presenter:  Michele Kohut-Jones

    • Family Perspectives on Conference Attendance



    Friday 9:30-10:30

    Friday 11:00-12:00

    Steveston D

    Host/Presenter: Linda Mamer

    • Preparing for a Trip to the Children’s Low Vision Project

    Host: Sheila McIntosh

    Presenter:  Sue Gawne

    • Kindergarten Transition


    Steveston F

    Hosts/Presenters: Theresa Tancock and Sheila McIntosh

    • Transitions from Secondary School

    Host/Presenter: Shelley Law

    • Auditory Training

    Westminster Salon

    Host: Allana Pierce

    Presenter: Rachel Kavanagh

    • Activity Planning Sheet

    Host: Linda Mamer

    Presenters: Graham Cook, Jo Szabo, Tanya Margison

    • District Partner Sharing

    Host: Allana Pierce

    • Sharing Session for Intervenors


    Adam is scheduled to speak on Thursday morning, December 7th and the Parent Panel is on Friday afternoon, December 8th. The break-out sessions will be on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.



    Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
    7551 Westminster Highway

    Richmond BC V6X 1A3
    Tel: 604-273-7878

    Registration Forms are available from your POPDB Consultant and from the POPDB office.

    Email: deafblind@sd38.bc.ca

    Tel: 604-668-7810