Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness

About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe every person who is deafblind should have access to trained Intervenors. POPDB consultants work with school districts and school-based teams to ensure that the unique needs of the student with deafblindness are being met, and that each student is receiving an appropriate educational program. The Outreach staff respects that school-based teams and parents are the experts on the individual learner they support. It is important to acknowledge the role that each person plays in the student’s life, and to appreciate his or her contributions. Our role is to bring our experiences with a variety of children to the team and to share our knowledge of proven strategies in the field of deafblindness. Our goal is to empower the people providing the day-to-day support to fully understand the impact that deafblindness has on their student’s ability to learn and to provide them with the most effective techniques and strategies that grow with the changing needs of the student.

POPDB is hosted by School District #38 (Richmond). All of our consultants hold BC Teaching Certificates and have received specific training in the education of individuals with deafblindness.


Richard Steward, Director of Instruction, Learning Services

Cindy Nichols, Administrative Assistant

Allana Pierce, Coordinator/Consultant

Meaghan Bresser, Consultant

Michele Kohut-Jones, Consultant

Linda Mamer, Consultant

Sheila McIntosh, Consultant